Tips For Storing Your Cattle Feed

If you are responsible for caring for cattle, one of the most important tasks that you will have to manage will be ensuring that they are fed. Due to the importance of this task as well as the cost of cattle feed, you should be taking a few precautions to ensure that this feed, such as from Ruma-Lic Liquid Feed, is properly stored.

Keep The Cattle Feed Elevated

It is a reality that moisture leaks can form in the roof of any structure. If these leaks form over the room storing your cattle feed, it can be possible for a large puddle to ruin much of the feed if it is kept directly on the floor. By storing the feed at least a few inches off the ground, you can greatly minimize the damage that will occur if a leak develops.

Invest In Humidity Control Systems For Your Feed Storage Area

Condensation and high humidity can both be problems that can cause cattle feed to spoil much sooner than necessary. While you may think that the costs of installing a humidity and temperature control system for your storage area will not be worth the expense, this can dramatically reduce the amount of food spoilage that you will experience. As a result, you may more than make back the money for this investment in reduced food costs.

Seal Any Feed Bags Between Uses

It is common for cattle feed to be sold and transported in large feed bags. After each time that you feed the cattle, you should ensure that any feed bags are thoroughly sealed. It should be noted that this will involve more than simply closing the bags as you will need this seal to be airtight. There are portable bag sealers that you can use for this task or you can simply place these bags in large airtight plastic bins.

Clearly Label The Spoilage Date On The Bags In Multiple Places

Like any other type of food, cattle feed will have a spoilage date that will need to be respected if you are to avoid compromising the health of your cattle. Additionally, it is often more economical to purchase this feed in bulk. While buying bulk cattle feed can be the more affordable option, it can increase the difficulty of tracking the spoilage dates on these bags. To avoid the risk of accidentally feeding your cattle expired food, you should clearly write this date on the exterior of your feed bags in very visible locations.