Dealing With An Insufficient Amount Of Water From A Well

Have you been unable to access a decent amount of water from your well for an unknown reason? Have you ever invested in maintenance for the well? If not, it is possible that there are several problematic parts that is making it difficult for water to be pumped out of the ground. The current weather conditions in your region can also have an effect on the overall functionality of your water well. The information in this article will give you more knowledge about the possible problems that might be interfering with well water coming into your house.

There is Freezing Weather in Your Region

It is possible that your well pump is in good shape, but freezing weather is preventing it from functioning to the fullest extent. The pump might be problematic because there is a large amount of ice covering the vital parts that it needs to work. For example, the main part that a well pump must have to function is a good motor. However, the motor can stop functioning when it is cold outside, especially when the temperatures are freezing. In such a case, you might simply need to hire a contractor to access the pump motor and thaw the ice out.

The Ground Aquifers are in Bad Shape

Ground aquifers are important when it comes to the ability to obtain water from a well. Basically, the aquifers are rocks that are located in the ground. A well pump is attached to the aquifers because the rocks is where water can be found. It is possible that you are not receiving a satisfactory amount of water because the pump is not situated inside of the aquifers as it should be. For instance, an earthquake could have displaced the pump, even if it was a small quake that you didn't notice.

You Need to Get a New Pump Installed

In the worst case scenario, it is possible that your well pump is simply no longer powerful enough to send water into your house. You can ask a contractor to inspect the pump to find out if repairs can be made, but if the pump is old, a replacement will likely be needed. Drilling might have to be done if a new pump is installed, especially if it must be installed in a different aquifer than what is currently being used. Keep in mind that electrical problems can also lead to a well pump being problematic.